At first, this website physically pained me to look at.  But, after a few minutes, I realized that it took real skill for someone to fit this much crap on a page, what with all the bright colors, the flashing advertisements and that one Asian guy that pops up every 3 seconds, and my disgust soon turned  to admiration.


I can’t really tell you if this is an actual website or was made as a joke, but I had a good time looking at everything and having a silent chuckle to myself in the quiet section of the library.  If the designer/creator wanted to grab people’s attention then they definitely succeeded.  If they want to lease a car to someone though, that’s a totally different story.  If I have trouble telling if this is fake or not, I’m sure everyone else is wondering the same thing, which can’t be good for business if this actually is real.  I’m going to take a wild guess and say that this is a joke.  But I could be wrong.  I don’t have the time or energy to go through ALLLLLLLLLL of that information.

I like the idea of putting a flashing banner with the most important information that the website has to offer because it draws visitors’ directly to that.  The number of flashing banners on this page is overkill.  Also, a company needs to decide how much information to put on a website.  Putting too little will leave people with questions.  Putting too much will make people want to tear they eyes out.  I had the second reaction when I was looking at this website.  Having all of the facts and information about cars thrown at you all at once is overwhelming and would not be a good idea if you are seriously trying to draw in potential customers.

Overall, this was by far the worst website I have ever seen.  But, it did get me to laugh, so maybe that was the entire purpose of it.  Who knows really?  What would be even funnier: if this was actually real.



Dos and Don’ts for an Infographic

The key to making a successful and visually pleasing infographic is not to throw every little piece of information on a subject onto a page, add a few pictures and hope it works.  Making an infographic look good takes time and patience and one wrong move could ruin the whole thing.  Here are a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to creating an infographic:


  • Make sure you topic is interesting; nobody wants to look at an infographic on something boring
  • Make the page colorful and appealing
  • Pick your color combinations wisely
  • Add relevant pictures
  • Be creative
  • Make sure that the text you do include is clear and easy to read
  • Tell a story and make sure there is a point to the infographic
  • Do a good amount of research on the subject to make sure that what you have found is the most up to date and correct information out there


  • Add too much text; it will take away from the rest of the information on the page
  • Over clutter everything
  • Be generic
  • Use the same kind of chart over and over and over.  Change it up.
  • Get the information or results wrong
  • Make an infographic if there is no information or statistics available or if it would be better if it were just a written article

By making sure that an infographic is appropriate for the type of story that is being covered and by following these few guidelines, a successful infographic can easily be created.


Online Dating

That is a whole lot of writing, research and information right there but I think this infographic was done very nicely.  There is literally nothing that they left out so I am sure that gathering all of this information took quite a long time.  Everyone has seen an EHarmony or Match.com commerical (just one?  Try hundreds) which might get them thinking about whether these sites actually work or if they are just another way to steal money from naive consumers desperately searching for love.  The research found and presented above shows, as much as we may not want it to be true, dating sites actually do lead to love and more and more people are turning to them to find “the one.”  What I like most about this infographic is that both sides of the “argument” are shown.  Just showing why everyone should try these dating sites because they are going to fall madly in love is not realistic and luckily the makers of this infographic know it.  It starts with saying that 81% of people lie about their height, weight or age in their profiles.  Then it switches sides and shows how much the dating industry has increased in the last 5 years (and it was nice to actually see the increase, having the circle and heart a lot bigger in 2012).  And then it switches back again, revealing just how much each dating site is making while they play matchmaker.  This allows the viewer/reader to decide for themselves what they think about dating websites instead of shoving a one-sided argument down their throats and forcing them to agree with what the creator believes.

Photo Spread

I found two photo spreads this week from US weekly.  The first one is from the Hunger Games premiere and the other one is about Brad and Angelina’s children.  I was not impressed with the Hunger Games one because there are four pictures of very similar size situated around the words “Let the Games Begin!” that is placed exactly in the middle of the page.  The one redeeming part of the 2-page layout is the vertical picture of Jennifer Lawrence on the other page, but it is not enough to save it.  If you are looking for the most important picture in the spread, you most likely will not be able to find it, as none of the pictures are that interesting to begin with.

The photo spread of Angelina and Brad’s family a few pages after the Hunger Games one is quite well done.  The biggest, and most important, picture in the middle is of Angelina smiling while holding hands with three of her children.  Around the outside are individual pictures of each child, minus the twins, looking quite adorable, if I do say so myself.  The 7 individual pictures situated around the big picture are significantly smaller so the reader can tell what is the most important and where your eyes should look first, which is something the first spread is lacking.  

Well, this week, I have two pictures.  I found a few that I liked and I couldn’t pick between them, so I decided to make it easier on myself and just write about both of them. This is a picture … Continue reading

Oscars Coverage

At first, I was looking for news of the Oscars on the front page of a newspaper and I originally settled for the New York Times because, even though they did an entire live coverage of the event on their website, there were only two small pictures and a caption about it next to an article about internet hackers.  But I thought that was a bit boring so I went searching for something better.  It took a while but I finally found the perfect picture to sum up the night:

There was so much buzz about Angelina Jolie’s obvious placement of her almost entirely exposed right leg that the once-boring awards show honoring directors I have neither heard of nor care about suddenly became a lot more exciting to me.  Jolie’s leg now has its own Twitter account (AngiesRightLeg) that  tweeted things throughout the night such as “Check me out!  Leg!” and “Left leg and I talked–everything’s cool.  Next Oscars, she gets the slit” and accumulated 22,637 followers throughout the night.  When Jolie chose to wear this dress, she obviously wanted attention and she most definitely got it.  Most newspapers would have done serious, boring coverage of the Oscars that would painstakingly go through the winners, one by one, perhaps mentioning the best dressed stars of the night, something that gets old really quickly.  An article like this is what I look for:


Those who can be unique and different from the rest of the field and talk about something not mentioned by a million other publications is worth looking at.  Granted, that leg is now all over the internet and is a sensation in itself.  But this is going to be something people are going to remember a lot longer than what film won best sound editing (it was Hugo but I don’t expect you to remember that.  I know I won’t.)



I found two pictures that I think are examples of Gestalt, but then again, I could be totally wrong (let’s hope that’s not the case).

It is hard to see exactly what is in this picture beside a fingerprint unless you lean back and squint your eyes.  After I did that (and looked rather strange in the library) I liked the picture a lot more than before.  The sum of all the lines and dots that are made to form the dog are also formed into the shape of a very large fingerprint.  It is creative and it looks simple at first glance, but it is a lot more complex when looked at carefully.


This one is pretty cool too:

Again, you have to look really stupid for a couple of seconds to see the second image.  It would be interesting to ask a group of people who have never seen this picture before to say the first image that they see without having time to think about it.  I saw the lion first but I’m sure a lot of other people saw the zebras first, as that is what appears to be the main aim of the picture.  I wonder what it means when you see one image over another…


Newspaper Without Art

I found this New York Daily Times front page and just looking at it bored me so much that I wanted to fall asleep.  It makes my eyes hurt.  Too. Many. Words. 

I can’t read when this was published but I figure that it has to be pretty old because no one nowadays would be caught reading a page with so many words on it.  What makes it worse is that the columns are all the same size so there is absolutely no variety and nothing to catch the eye.  I think that this has to be an old article, as nothing like this would make it off the newsstand nowadays.

It was pretty difficult to find a front page that had no art or color on it and every newspaper that I came across generally had a large photo right at the top.  I had to Google “boring newspaper front pages” for anything to come up.  I found a French one that appeared to have crooked columns but this one took the cake, since this is about as boring as you can get.  I need some pictures if I’m going to read a newspaper.


Another Chuckle Fest for Charlotte

I really enjoy looking up awful newspaper headlines, so I thought I would do that again and I came up with great results.  This first picture is a great example of making it clear which picture belongs with which article.  Even if there is another article to the left side of this picture that is about some fat man’s stomach (why, exactly, you would want to put this unflattering picture in your newspaper, I don’t really know) it very much looks like it is accompanying Jolie’s pregnancy announcement, which is very unfortunate for her.  Some better page design would have easily fixed this problem.

This headline  makes utterly no sense.  There isn’t much else to say really.  Careless mistake.

This last one made me laugh the hardest, even though it is cruel and I shouldn’t have laughed.  I just couldn’t help myself.  When writing an article about something like this, you have to be very careful about what you say and the wording of things.  It seems as if this editor is almost making fun of the man, even though I am sure that is not the case.  A simple way to solve this huge mistake would be to say that this man thanked strangers for their kindness.  I’m not entirely sure if the fact that he only has one arms needs to be the first thing that readers see.  But, again, this was just a careless mistake by someone trying to use a cliche and it going horribly wrong.  Everyone says to think before you speak.  These absent-minded editors need to think before they write.  It just ended up making them look stupid.

Did this seriously get printed?

I wasn’t really sure what to blog about this week so I just decided to type in “creative headlines” in Google and see what came up.  Actually, no creative headlines came up but an entire page of awful headlines that could be taken the wrong way came up instead.   I found myself laughing at every one of them and couldn’t decide which one to post, but in the end, picked this one:

funny newspaper headline

I’m not even sure what they were trying to say but, whatever it was, they failed.  Hardcore.    I could go off on all the things that are wrong with this page but I feel like it is better to just laugh about it instead.  I particularly enjoy the fact that it says “exclusive to all newspapers” at the top of the page, like the fact that she was alive before she died was a secret before.  In my experience, people usually are alive before they die but hey, I could be wrong.  Good job guys, I got a giggle out of this!


I quite enjoy this headline too.  Mostly because it is way too long for a headline, I lost interest before I got even halfway through it, it made no sense, and now all I can see is a sumo wrestler with a stupid grin on her face waving to a chocolate bar.  Probably not the aim of the headline but there  wasn’t much to work with when you have a story as weird as this.  At least it’s entertaining.  I kind of want to read the article that follows to see if it can live up to this awesome headline.

funny newspaper headline